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Cajun Navy 2016 was formed in 2016 during the Great Flood that wasn’t great at all. Our purpose is to be “the Hands and Feet” of the Lord. We are 100% volunteer based 501c3 nonprofit. Our 7 member board is made up of Jon Bridgers, Laurie Bridgers, John Able, Ben Husser, Stephen Hoffman, Jeremiah Flanders, and Joey Cothern. Everyone on our leadership team serves others from their heart. Many of our members served as far back as Hurricane Katrina, like Ben Husser. We respond to hurricanes, storms, tornadoes, missing persons, and do community outreach. We are Blessed to be given the opportunity to serve others and consider it a huge responsibility. We have been recognized by President Trump and were guests at the White House 3 times during 2018, at the State of the Union, for the Houston Astros Championship, and my personal favorite The Christmas Party. If you want to know what we do watch The Cajun Navy Movie on Discovery Preview, we were featured in it. We realize there is much confusion as there are multiple organizations using the CAJUN NAVY name. We as an organization can only speak for what we do and who we are. We keep our eyes focused on our missions. It’s our goal to be transparent in all our actions, you can verify our nonprofit status as well as others at, we are proud of our Platinum Seal of Transparency. We have several divisions and they are:

Cajun Navy 2016 - Midwest Division
Cajun Navy 2016 - Northwest Louisiana Division
Cajun Navy 2016 Search and Rescue- Southeastern Louisiana Division
Cajun Navy 2016 - Alabama Division

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We could not do anything if it were not for our wonderful volunteers and donors, we appreciate each and everyone of you!
God Bless!
Laurie Bridgers VP
Cajun Navy 2016